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Her remarks drew criticism from First Amendment advocates and those critical of Israel's policy toward Palestinians, saying it could be used to censor free speech.

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These include the power to use force, for instance, in ordering drone strikes in Syria

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For all they knew, he intended to attack another crew.

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The team has gotten to this point through hacking and building their own 3D printer

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"These results will not be welcome news as there are many with short-term vested interests that will want to ignore them

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Freed from political constraints, her advocacy will be particularly important because Gov

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3 or risk a first-ever default, while money to pay for government operations runs out Dec

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"Basically, he would have died for me, doing what he did," said Stone, who suffered a broken ankle, elbow and ribs and needed stitches in her head

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"I do have a strong sense that some part of the explanation is a chill wind blowing through American law enforcement over the last year." Comey said

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3 deadline to lift the debt limit

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At all three product launches the film takes the audience backstage for a first-hand look at the problems and emotions involved with each launch

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Baidu Inc., which controls Qunar, will own 25 percent of Ctrip, and the companies will combine products and services, according to a statement released Monday

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UFC knows that fight fans want to see good fighters and good fights and that they will forgive and forget a lot to get what they want

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Or own a piece of Nets history with a photo of a Nets legend

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If not, you've got to sit down."

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Weaker links have been found with other types of the disease, including stomach cancer.

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Core inflation eased to 5.55 percent inSeptember from 5.61 percent in August.

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And I think it’d be kind of a cool thing to have her be a Supreme Court justice or someone who runs for office.”

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Experts say major investment is needed.

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As the old maxim in Diy says measure twice cut once, I say research, research, research and then buy

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Jewish worshippers visited and prayed at the tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel, marking what they believe to be the anniversary of her death

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Even as prices slump, De Beers is building NWT's fourthdiamond mine, Gahcho Kue, which is expected to have an 11-yearlife

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It got hung up in the Vegas clubhouse.


NEW YORK (AP) — Vermont Sen

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The evening I met my oncologist, I got a fright hearing that we were "aiming for control, rather than cure"

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Diners pack the restaurant at lunch time, ordering from a variety of Cajun-style items-- with the hand-breaded catfish po' boy in greatest demand.

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The ASI is calling on parents and teachers to watch out for potential triggers at this time of year.

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The restaurant, which has been closed since Oct

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Called "character bento" and "chigiri-pan" (Japanese for "tear-away bread") these rice balls, noodle plates and buns feature characters and faces

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"Studying the DNA of ancient individuals is important in researching how the Western Hemisphere was populated," Tackney says

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The Swiss inspired Huawei Watch has more traditional style as compared to the Samsung Gear S2 with a circular face

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"Considering the incredible complexity of this spacecraft, the team is very proud to have successfully completed the design review and is looking forward to seeing it fly."

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Oil companies have been aggressively cutting spending andoperating costs over the past year to deal with the sharp dropin cash flows due to lower oil prices

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He blamed the recent spate of killings on violence againstPalestinians by Israeli settlers that he said was abetted by the Israeli army.

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“Had we got them in 2nd-and-long, that’s one thing,” the coach said on ESPN Radio

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How do I pass these guys?' But I started working on it and we got one at a time until we finally got up there in the top three."

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The number and intensity of extreme weather events varies with the temperature difference across the front, a parameter referred to as the Zonal Index.

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When I get there it can monsoon, and I’ll be OK.

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“It’s amazing, it seems like he’s eating in almost every other scene,” Capiraso said

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We are meant to get married, look after our families, cook and clean, and not have a career," she says.

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We all want to prevent it, to fight it, to cure it

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counterpart, Anthony Foxx, on measures Germany has taken toclear up the scandal and would keep the U.S

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I definitely want to set a good example but I also try to live my life

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The planet's temperature is rising at an accelerated pace most scientists attribute mainly to man-made factors

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It's kind of neat to have that.

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Severe MR can cause symptoms such as tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain

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