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The app will work on Apple and Android-based phones.
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Affected patients should talk to their health care provider if they have any of those symptoms.
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"But we can't fly everywhere and talk to everyone
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MLB’s Series schedule is also not ratings-friendly
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it doesn’t already own as they compete with Baidu.
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The interest really has peaked over the past year with the batter music.”
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The built-in Wi-Fi works, though I wish it was a tad faster
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They are aimed at attractinghundreds of millions of dollars in investment into Indonesia'stech sector.
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“I’ve been around some good staffs
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The Warriors were too good for them and everyone else last season, winning 67 games in Steve Kerr's first season as coach
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Past elections have been marred by violence and allegations of vote-rigging
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And he said Jeb would be prepared for unexpected challenges like he faced in the Sept
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Before the sale began, the auction house expected bids for the chip to exceed $1,200
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And yet it is just now, in Islam's encounter with Western democracy, that discussion is most needed
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One can only hope he never takes out his anger and frustration on women ever again
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In the eight sites, "we find all five of the major lineages of Native Americans," Tackney says
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We want to continue to show that every week.”
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Wright had grown up watching Mets prospects play in nearby Norfolk, Va
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I think we are going to do this.”
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“New York is a city and state of dog lovers and this law will make it easier for people to bring their beloved pets with them as they go about their daily lives.”
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He was unresponsive, and tangled in a line.
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“But what this paper does show is sugar is a contributor and it’s modifiable
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The Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force released several recommendations to the Governor on Monday.
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He wanted what he called his Timberwolves family around him, people that he had confidence in, that he trusted
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While the engine note doesn’t have the resonant clarity of anaturally aspirated unit, it still sounds pretty good, even if itisn't "an audible tacho" as Klaus claims
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The Lakers then signed Brown to two 10-day contracts, and he averaged 11.9 points, 2.1 assists and 1.9 rebounds in 29.9 minutes per contest.
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This pilot in Motor Fuel Group filling stations will allow us to trial one opportunity in this growing channel.”
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It also means there has been huge difference in voice connectivity
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the amount of times I've had to had my phone over to the walgreens clerk to get my rewards card to finally scan
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Speaking in Brussels alongside European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Mr
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Drake first met Spencer while he was a student at University of Colorado conducting fieldwork in Siberia and then opted to come to FSU to study under Spencer for his doctorate.
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As Darling, a close observer of the 2015 Mets as an SNY analyst, said, “This team has as much swagger as we did
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We would be surprised if Aberdeen sold from a position ofweakness, which we believe it is currently in," analysts at RBCsaid in a note.
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Defensive end Damontre Moore was inactive on Sunday, a move that many speculated was punishment for his struggles in the Week 6 loss in Philadelphia
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Bradbury, who used a "spy pen" to secretly capture pictures of his partially-clothed victims, was arrested in December 2013
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He became the backup when Karri Ramo was sent to the minors last week
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The digital transformation of business and the popularity of social media has changed all that
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Investors have also drawn a lesson from recent history: thatpolitics aside, policymakers, often central bankers, will pulltheir fat from the fire
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That’s a pretty good starting point
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McMahon makes his shallow cuts with an X-Acto knife, going just into the surface of the pumpkin and flicking away its skin
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He confirmed as much in a key address he gave on Oct
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At September's sales pace it would take 5.8 months to clear the supply of houses on the market, the highest since July 2014
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"People make do and make ends meet," said Diana Bronson,head of Food Secure Canada, a research group
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As a result some towns have a much better air quality than others where a ban is not currently in place.
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